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We decided to do a non-insurance blog today, so we are going to talk about fishing! Living on the coast allows us to be able to take advantage of our natural resources. I decided to not waste any time watching TV this fall and ended up having really good luck with the drum this year. For those of you that don’t know what a drum is, it is also called a red fish or channel bass, it is a fish that has been a prize of fisherman for generations. There are many ways to catch a red fish but after a long day at work nothing is better than putting out the anchor and wetting a hook and waiting for the big bite. One of the best things about fishing is being out on the water, turning off the cell phone and watching the sun go down. When your rod doubles over and the reel begins to sing it just makes it all the better. I have had a chance to take friends out with me and to see someone catch their first fish is a special moment, i don’t care if you are 8 or 30 years old it is exciting!

This is Parks Carpenter and his first drum. This is a special fish because it was over the slot, which means too big to keep, and most drum only have one spot where this one has a lot.

We also caught a nice Flounder,

But by far my greatest moments of my season so far is catching gaint drum in the Pamlico Sound. Here is a picture of one of those old giant drum we caught.

There is a little taste of fishing here in Eastern North Carolina.

One more picture…

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